ughhhh i’m so bored so here’s Hermione doing some “light reading”.

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Lupita Nyong’o for Elle France | July 18th, 2014

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s8 is already my favourite based solely on clara in that suit ok thank u

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So, I will change … for you. For the sake of our partnership. For the sake of our work. Stay.

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Ooooh, I LOVE this question!

Lots of people keep journals with systematic diary entries, but I understand that it doesn’t work for everyone.

Here are some cool/interesting/fun/motivational/productive things you can do that don’t necessarily include keeping a diary:

Does that give you enough ideas to start with? :)

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Defo doing this!

I want to create a life handbook so much.
I’m turning 20 this year. it is probably time to get some goals in place.